Being Kind to Yourself

With Mental Health Awareness Week recently, our focus today is on how we can incorporate the theme of kindness into our lives this week. In our last post we focused on how we can engage in acts of Kindness directed towards others. While it is important to be kind to others, especially in difficult times such as these, it is also incredibly important to be kind to ourselves.

This is something a lot of people struggle with so below is a list of things you can do to be kind to yourself:

· Make time to do something you enjoy - this could include anything that you enjoy or that makes you happy, whether that includes running yourself a hot bubble bath, cooking your favourite meal or watching an episode of the new TV show you’ve been loving. Whatever it is, making some time for the things we enjoy is an important way of taking care of ourselves and showing kindness.

· Do something creative - perhaps you like to draw or sew or paint - it doesn’t have to be something you’re good at, if you’re a creative person usually, try something you’ve never done before. Often the fun can be in learning the new skill and going with the flow, being free to enjoy it in the moment rather than creating something perfect.

· Spend some time outdoors - studies have shown that spending time in nature can have a great impact on our mental health, as can physical exercise. If you start to feel stressed or otherwise upset, take yourself outside for a walk in the fresh air, or if you have a garden maybe spend some time taking care of it this week. Focusing on the outdoor activities and taking the time to breathe the fresh air can have a calming effect on us and is a great way to be kind to ourselves.

· Reach out - if you feel like you’re struggling with something or you need to talk, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone for support, whether that’s someone close to you or someone in a professional position. It may be difficult to do so but it can be a great opportunity to give yourself some support that you may have been needing for a while and is a great opportunity to give back to yourself.

No matter what you do, just remember to take some time this week to be kind to yourself as well as others. You never know, it might spark the beginning of a positive habit!