What Our Clients Say

“I would like to express how grateful I am to my counsellor for her counselling skills and expertise.  My life has been helped and changed because of this.  I now see life more positively and am healthier because of this too. Words cannot express my appreciation.”

“Brooding on the past was my reason for seeking counselling.  Although I still regret my mistakes and hurt I caused other people, I think I have things more in perspective.  Counselling has given me the chance to offload years of bottled up emotions.  I sleep better and have even been known to laugh (though I always laugh with my grandsons who give me joy!)  My counsellor’s gentle approach helped me to unburden my emotions, she was very empathetic.”

“Counselling has been a real eye-opener.  It has given me a chance to work on my past issues, make light of them and see a way forward.  It has massively helped my confidence and helped me to stay calm during stressful periods.  My counsellor was always calm and understanding and helped me so much.  For this I am very grateful.”

“I have found the counselling to be very helpful and I wish I had come years ago.  Since starting the sessions, I and the people around me have noticed a significant improvement in my confidence and I owe this all to my counsellor.  Her calm and friendly manner helped to put me at ease and open up, whereas I had never been able to before.  The environment of the sessions was very calm and peaceful and it was easy to relax.  On the whole I have been very satisfied with my experience here.  My counsellor has been so lovely and I’m going to miss her!”

“During my time with South Bucks Counselling, I have found my counsellor to be very helpful.  He has helped me to put certain things in perspective.  He was really understanding.”

” It’s clear to me that counselling has made a great difference to my life.  When I think back to some fairly dark times a few years ago I would arrive at the sessions feeling very low and finding it difficult to talk; self-esteem at rock bottom and no idea of direction, meaning and purpose.  By the end I was able to talk freely, had a greater understanding of myself, became more socially confident, gave up anti-depressants and am more rooted in the present.  I have a growing feeling of personal identity and place in the world.”