Counselling might help you if:

  • you are feeling depressed, anxious or confused.
  • you have difficulty in relating to others.
  • you are feeling dissatisfied with your work/relationship or lifestyle.
  • you are feeling inadequate or insecure.

Facing reality and maintaining relationships is, at times, painful and difficult for most people.  In a good situation, individuals have reliable support to help them cope with difficulties, but it is often hard to work through feelings and problems effectively with those who are closest to us.  Also, occasionally the level of difficulty individuals are faced with feels too much to bear.  Our view at South Bucks Counselling is that psychological distress is a normal part of life, and that at times every individual needs some help to understand and manage it.

What does counselling involve?

Counselling takes place in a particular environment, where privacy and respect for what is shared by the client is paramount, and where exploration of thinking and feeling is the aim.  A client meets the same counsellor weekly, usually at the same time, to talk about what is prominent in his or her mind.  The counsellor will help the client to think in depth about what he or she is feeling and experiencing, and will help the client to consider the development of their difficulties, and the client’s role in them.  Counselling can be very emotionally demanding but can enable important psychological growth, as well as a greater understanding of difficulties.

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